Welcome to Knights Temperance German Shepherds!

We are a small family breeder of German Shepherd Dogs located just outside Tampa, Florida owned and operated by Janice Williams. We breed West German show lines who come from select German Shepherd bloodlines. We have a genuine love and a passion for the German Shepherd breed and are committed to maintain a reputation of excellance and service in the Tampa Bay area through providing excellent quality puppies, networking, and establishing lifelong friendships with our clients.

Our number one priority is to ensure we produce healthy, happy, German Shepherd puppies with excellent temperaments that are free of genetic flaws. Only through sound breeding practice and expertise can this be achieved. We have German Shepherd puppies for sale that will make great family companions or are suitable for any service job, yet gentle enough to be an intracal part of your family.

We recoginize purchasing a German Shepherd puppy is an investment and it is our goal to ensure your puppy can live a long, healthy, happy life with your family. We hope to partner with you for all your current and future puppy needs.

Please call (813) 716-8771 if you have any questions.

At Knights Temperance German Shepherds, before breeding is considered, we train, title, and test each dog's potential in various stressfull conditions. Combined with other professional evaluations in the field, this provides us with a broad view and necessaary tools to evaluate each dog and effectiively identiify potential issues prior to breeding. It is our mission to esure we are adding puppies into your home that will bring you joy and contentment, not one that will require unneccessary medical attention or a potentially dangerous situation down the road.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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